Monday, August 28, 2006

CHRISTyle Album Review

After years of serving the Lord in rap ministry across the D/FW metroplex and beyond, the duo CHRISTyle has blessed us with their debut LP, Lifestyle, the second independent full-length release from upstart label P.H.A.T.B.O.Y. Records. Twin brothers Reginald and Rodney Barnes, a.k.a. Magnify and Lyrical, uncompromisingly present the gospel in rhyme form over banging beats, and relentlessly represent Jesus by promoting a lifestyle pleasing to Him with every word. Their style brings a special flavor to Christian hip-hop, as they blend up-tempo flows, harmonizing hooks and scripture-based lyrics. Citing influences like the Cross Movement, Shai Linne and Timothy Brindle, CHRISTyle is committed to sharing the truth of the gospel while spitting high-quality rhymes in the essence of true hip-hop. Lifestyle is a musically diverse album that is themed around sharing with believers how to follow Christ in their daily walk.

On the hot joint, Keep it CHRISTyle, the twins give Christian living the crunk treatment as they rap about how the life of a sold-out believer is a full-time commitment. Lyrical and Magnify spit straight from the book of Proverbs on P. 31 and present their description of a virtuous woman over an innovative live drum beat. The necessity of keeping the Word handy at all times is expressed on the infectious N My Pocket, and the danceworthy Snap has CHRISTyle and guest artist Unknown glorifying God to a beat that will make you do just that. On Heartbeat, the group showcases their metaphorical rhyme skills while proclaiming there is nothing that can truly compare to the power of Gods love. One of the albums more introspective tracks is Wheres Me, where Magnify and Lyrical take a self-examination of their growth from once being lost sinners to men now totally dependent upon Gods grace. In the chorus, they confess, I dont act like the man that I used to be/I said it must be Christ, cuz it sho aint me. With 17 tracks plus one bonus track, each song brings real hip-hop flavor while reflecting the bright light of the King of Kings.

Lifestyle is a grand entrance into the world of Christian hip-hop music for CHRISTyle and P.H.A.T.B.O.Y. Records. It is an album with blazing beats and a message that fully and unashamedly highlights Jesus and proclaims the authority of scripture. CHRISTyles magnetic personalities, witty lyrics and superb beats will have you smiling and nodding your head as the Lord ministers to your heart.

by: Alan Royal
© 2006 P.H.A.T.B.O.Y. Music & Publishing

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